Collect food items and explore the place in search of new sounds!


We opted to not have an explicit winning or losing condition. Instead, the music itself is the reward - if the cat eats the fish treats in the correct order while running at a consistent speed, the player hears the full song. If they eat the treats out of order, the sounds are more chaotic. There are also other sound-making objects scattered around the room.

At first, we wanted to make a rhythm game. But with the game jam being only two days, we risked running into issues when timing the game events with the beat. With the help of GAMERella mentors, we scoped it down to something more manageable: what if the gameplay focused on creating music, letting the player create sounds by running through blocks?

A team of cat lovers, we made it a cat rhythm game, so the sound-making blocks are food and treats.

We experimented with various ways to enable sound creation: starting and stopping looping sounds on collision, making one-time sounds on collision, another idea was to introduce new, more interesting sounds as a reward for doing something. In the end, we discovered that making the sounds depend on the player's movement felt satisfying while also creating a challenge.


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I honestly could spend forever dropping sick meow beats, this is awesome!